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Press for Ways A Season


TOP 5 DREAMPOP ALBUMS/EPs of March, 2019: #1 - She Sir's Ways A Season. "9 out of 10 stars."
- (Shoegazer Alive; March, 2019)

2019 RECORDS OF THE YEAR: She Sir's Ways A Season.
- (The Crimson Coyote; December, 2019)

FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2019: She Sir's Ways A Season.
- Jay Breitling (Completely Conspicuous; December, 2019)

"The Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of 'Torment Operator' this Valentine’s Day (because what else would you call a loved one in a fit of pique during a fight, right?), a (bitter)sweet delight that roams through sun-dappled brightness with just a touch of cloudy overhang. Lightly reverberating guitar chime, filtered, hovering synths, and hazy, echoed vocals waver amid a propulsive bass line and drum beat, taking the listener away to a dreamier, reflective realm."
- Jen Dan (The Big Takeover; February, 2019)

BEST OF AUSTIN FOR 2019: She Sir's Ways A Season.
- (Austin Town Hall; December, 2019)

BEST INDIE SHOEGAZE of 2019: #8 - She Sir's "Torment Operator" from Ways A Season.
- Compiled by (Every Noise At Once)

"...richly detailed shoegaze and dream pop evoking an alternative My Bloody Valentine that is more interested in pleasing and intriguing than shocking and bludgeoning. For us, this EP is the aural equivalent of sitting on a beach having warm waves gently surround you. Give it a try!"
- Scott (When You Motor Away; March, 2019)

"I really like their last two records on the Shelflife label...and this new one is right in the same room there. ...The sounds these guys are able to get out of their instrument are out of this world. ...Guitars perfectly intertwine and the rhythms aren’t just flowing in the background but part of the whole web that the band is spinning. ...Cuts like 'Treasure,' 'Fear Pillar,' and 'What To Do and When To Do It (Endless Crime)' are among my favorites of the band’s career."
- (Dagger Zine; June, 2019)

TOP OF THE POPS 2019 - Honorable Mention: She Sir's Ways A Season.
- (Deep Sky Object; December, 2019)

"...les melòdiques guitarres lleugerament desdoblades, teclats propensos a dur-nos cap a profunds precipicis i veus que ens xiuxiuegen mentre ens enfonsem com en el sofà de casa. i l’avançament en format 'Torment Operator,' m’ha fet apretar el replay no sé quantes vegades."
- Helena (Tote De Pop; March, 2019)

"The lovely Austin band is back with Ways A Season, a 6 song EP that follows their previous releases. That means beautiful dreamy pop."
- Roque (Cloudberry Records; March, 2019)

"The band are stll on a mission to cross-pollinate the popper side of '90s shoegaze with '80s sophistipop. If anything, Ways A Season sounds more like a sequel to their brilliant album from 2014, Go Guitars. Like that LP, there's an emphasis on guitar interplay and understated hooks. Highly recommended for guitar pop fans of all ages."
- (@mugidingdong; May, 2019)

"Sono tornati i She Sir, gruppo dream-pop di Austin, Texas. Ci mancava la loro raffinatezza e il loro gusto melodico (qualcuno ha definito la loro musica come un incrocio tra My Bloody Valentine e Fleetwood Mac) e la nostra sete di magie sonore viene soddisfatta da questo nuovo mini album chiamato Ways A Season."
- Riccardo Cavrioli (Indie For Bunnies; March, 2019)

"For years, I’ve fawned over She Sir, one of Austin’s most underrated acts; I bugged them enough until they finally agreed to let me release their new Ways a Season EP. There are not enough words to say how proud I am of the label and this release."
- Nathan Lankford (Austin Town Hall; March, 2019)

"Dreamy, shoegazey pop group She Sir['s] Ways A Season [is] a hazy beauty."
- Tommy (Heaven Is An Incubator; March, 2019)

Press for Rival Island


FAVORITE AUSTIN ALBUMS OF 2017: #4 She Sir's Rival Island. "Those of you that know of my appreciation for indiepop will surely be aware of how much I adore Austin’s She Sir. The guitar work here is exactly what makes the band so special…sometimes it’s jangling, sometimes it’s circular, sometimes it’s dreamy. Russell’s voice sounds perfect behind it all (soft and understated), providing what continues to seem like effortless pop of the best sort. There are few, if any, that do it better than She Sir."
- Nathan Lankford (Austin Town Hall; June, 2017)

"Austin’s She Sir debuted in 2006 with a sound that fit right in with the early ’90s shoegaze lineage. But ever since, the band has been slowly tempering the roaring guitars in favor of quieter textures. It’s no less enveloping, though. 'Private Party,' from the group’s new album, is lush and otherworldly, bathed in guitar washes and a bubbly rhythm section. The song perfectly lives up to its title, taking you for a quietly joyous ride."
- Art Levy (KUTX 98.9; August, 2017)

FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2017: #8 She Sir's Rival Island. "It's dialed back the coarse textures of first-wave shoegaze and really gone for a yacht-rock/dreampop that I didn't know I wanted. It's a very soothing, subdued record [with] impeccable sonics."
- Jay Breitling of Clicky Clicky (Kumar's Blizznog; Dec, 2017)

"Trembling guitars shimmer with a rush of distortion while '80s synths float in a haze...exercising greater dexterity in both sunny and somber arrangements. Fans of dreamy indie pop will find a lot to like."
- Bryan Parker (Austin Monthly; August, 2017)

"She Sir drifts by with a dreamily exploratory, stylistically hybrid track. Glistening guitar lines, velvety saxophone diffusion, occasional tambourine jingle, a relaxed drum beat, and hazily drawn out vocals. The thrilling ring of reverb shoegaze guitar echoes in the background on this richly brume-filled, post-shoegaze number."
- Jen Dan (The Big Takeover; June, 2017)

"This new record finds the band evolving even further...leaning into the many headwinds with soulful grit and a classicist grace. The material on Rival Island is so intrinsically strong... The album is, in a phrase, dreampop in excelsis, She Sir managing that rare counter-intuitive feat of soaring with creative abandon while remaining grounded in purpose and spirit. One of 2017’s most arresting records. It’s the whole package, and it’ll make your day."
- Dave Cantrell (Stereo Embers Magazine; July, 2017)

"Softer textures and guitars that chime as much as they gaze. She Sir sound less like they are interpreting sacred texts and more like they are doing some soft experimentation with the ultimate goal of forging their own idiosyncratic sound. All of which would be academic if She Sir wrote bad songs. They don't. The bandmembers know that sound isn't enough; there also have to be melodies that stick in the mind, sway like new lovers, create some heavy atmosphere, or tenderly break a heart. All the songs share a very similar feel and fit together like puzzle pieces, letting the listener sink deeply into the pillowy clouds of guitars, gentle drums, and almost whispered vocals. Peaceful and almost transcendent state of relaxation."
- Tim Sendra (All Music; July, 2017)

B-SIDE: BEST ALBUMS OF 2017: She Sir's Rival Island. "These are really lush arrangements. They're ambitious songs. You can tell that this band loves Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, particularly the Pet Sounds sort of production. They're trying to figure out how figure out how to bring those sensibilities into a dreampop world and I think it really works. It's easy to get lost in this record because it is sonically so dense and really beautiful."
- Troy Hatfield (i think you'll like this; Jan, 2018)

BEST OF 2017 - SOFT GENRE: She Sir's Rival Island.
- (Shoegazer Alive; Dec, 2017)

BEST OF 2017: She Sir's song "Private Party."
- (Velvet Morning 88.5FM; Jan, 2018)

"Check out this repeat worthy new smash hit single from the awesome SHE SIR! An ultra smooth, velvety sounding ingenious Indie Rock, Dream Pop, and Shoegaze marriage in sound. I can listen to this track for hours. Just close your eyes sip your favorite alcoholic and/or beverage and let She Sir amaze your senses with the purest Indie influenced Dream Pop amalgamated with the Shoegaze."
- (Shoegazer Sanctuary Music; June, 2017)

"Delicate and beautiful shoegaze/pop sounds. Dancing on the line between the two genres but always delivering the best of both. RECOMMENDED!!!"
- Phil Russell (A Little Bit of Sol; August, 2017)

"Vaguely shoegaze guitar rock. The best parts of the album arise from She Sir's willingness to be playful in song arrangements, the way they carefully and smartly churn out a summery sway. 'Noon Inspirits' surprises with a moment of isolated bongos and 'Corporealoro' employs an unexpected funkiness via a sleepy, groovy riff. 'Pheromondo (Babysitter's Back)' skews tropical, a saxophone darting in and out while infusing the track with brassy warmth."
- Libby Webster (The Austin Chronicle; August, 2017)

"Across every track I felt like they were telling me about their love lives and I wanted to hear more. It’s an upbeat album with melodies you can’t help but sway to."
- Jason Donnelly (Four Over Four; July, 2017)

"Rival Island more than exceeds expectations. [They] have refined their sound into a perfect blend of shoegaze and pop. Lush atmospheres of cascading guitars are created while the vocals of front-man Russell Karloff (which almost act as another instrument rather than just traditional lyrics) lull you to relaxation. A very rewarding and pleasant listen!"
- Jeremy Abcug (WLUR 91.5FM; July, 2017)

"En ouverture de leur nouvel album Rival Island , les américains de She Sir nous convie à une Private Party qui , si elle n’est pas festive , ravira les amateurs de pop rêveuse et mélancolique."
- (Indie Love Songs; August, 2017)

"Guitars, guitars, wonderful guitars. They chime, jangle, and layer over each other, riding a pulsating rhythm section, and the result is aural euphoria. To our ears this band has stepped outside the lines to great effect. Rival Island is like a pleasant daydream in the sun, and one you try it, you may find yourself reworking your schedule for more frequent naps."
- Scott (When You Motor Away...; July, 2017)

"Non perdono le loro suggestioni dream-pop i She Sir, ma si mostrano più attenti a levigare al massimo ogni spigolo che i riverberi chitarristici potrebbero offrire. Ne nasce così un disco molto rilassato ma un po' monocorde a tratti, in cui echi di Fleetwood Mac o Real Estate fanno capolino, unendosi con piacere all'anima classicamente shoegaze dei nostri."
- (; July, 2017)

"Lovely shoegaze dreamlike melodies but anchored to strong songs – B."
- Iman Lababedi (Rock NYC; July, 2017)

"因為有古典音樂的背景,德州奧斯丁四人組She Sir 比同鄉瞪鞋客瞪得更柔美。聲響層次細膩零缺點,絢幻音色令人想起舞,再加些80s neo-acoustic 的浪漫韻味,假如MBV 去翻唱Fleetwood Mac 作品的話,應該會與She Sir ㄧ樣,美得沒話說。"
- (Beethobear Records; August, 2017)

"Ao escutar bandas como She Sir sempre me passa pela cabeça vários momentos de minha vida, ou então, sou lançado para várias épocas. Os americanos conseguem juntar ao menos três décadas de música. Poderiam estar entre o rol dos novos grupos que seguem a cartilha do dream-pop/shoegaze, são influenciados também pelos arranjos 60’s de um The Beach Boys e ainda parecem que beberam bem do Fletwood Mac fase 80’s. Por exemplo, ‘Pheromondo (Babysitter’s Back)’ com um pop-rock elegante carregado de sutis sopros poderia ser algo lá do Fletwood (cairia bem na voz de Stevie Nicks, mas aqui o vocalista Russell Karloff também faz jus). O instrumental também é importante na concepção do álbum, tudo bem equilibrado. Sopros e uma bateria marcante preenchem corretamente a beleza de ‘Noon Inspirits’, por sua vez ‘Mirror, No (We’re The Same)’ que dar ênfase maior nas guitarras. O shoegaze é mais visível na cativante ‘‘Dark Glass Tomb’. Ao longo do disco, outras influências serão notadas: Felt, Pylon, Engineers, Ride, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Pontos para a banda que causa no ouvinte o poder de se sensibilizar com o que pode trazer cada umas das 10 faixas de Rival Island."
- Salvalaio (Music Non Stop; July, 2017)

"Rival Island is so addictive! 80s #sophistipop cruising alongside #dreampop. This is smooth music for pedal abusers. (Has the term 'yachtgaze' been taken?). All in all, a joy to listen to."
- (@mugidingdong; August, 2017)

"...with this ‘un incidentally titled ‘noon inspirits’ having caught our ear and drawn us smitten beneath its mesmeric spell charm. Endowed within a statuesque ice sculptured framing, ‘noon inspirits’ shimmers with a spectral soft psych awareness, its sultry toning an ageless echo that snakes with arabesque mystery, really is a most beautiful and deceptively beguiled thing that imagines an at the top of their powers Stealing Sheep in conspiratorial cahoots with the Haight Ashbury."
- (the sunday experience; September, 2017)

"Like Gerry Rafferty’s 'Bakers Street', without the saxophone? Like Fleetwood Mac, without Lindsay Buckingham? Like Ride, without the stagnant pools in the center?"
- Lee Adcock (This Is Not A Drill; July, 2017)

BEST OF 2017: She Sir's Rival Island.
- The Vinyl Underground (7th Heaven; Dec, 2017)

Press for Go Guitars


ALBUMS OF THE DECADE: #4 She Sir's Go Guitars. "Painstakingly crafted."
- Jay Breitling (Completely Conspicuous; Dec, 2019)

"She Sir has made its name on finesse. The group revels in a thoughtful and careful approach, tinkering away at their perfect, distanced sound with a patience that chagrins those addicted to the band's shoegazing pop. Go Guitars is a tour de force of sunny, spectral and shimmering rock. A '70s (and even '80s) soft-rock studio vibe...make for some of the most relaxed, positive and forwardly sexual shoegaze Clicky Clicky has encountered. The singles...each trade in such bright melodies and bouncy rhythms that sunshine, bikinis and dockside barbecues all feel like appropriate imagery, in contrast to the shoegaze genre's more typically dour evocations. While the aforementioned yacht-gaze dreamers flank Go Guitars, the meat of the set boasts more strummy cuts, and tunes that employ quieter sections before flooding the stereo field with light in serial, monolithic choruses. In a current musical climate that emphasizes celebratory and hypnagogic beach-pop from hip corners of the country -- often of questionable substance -- She Sir once again show just how far that sound can go when approached with compositional expertise, patience and the lessons and benefits of time. Do yourself a favor, and give She Sir and their tremendous new collection yours."
- Edward Charlton (Clicky Clicky Music; February, 2014)

"★★★★★ Auspicious, impeccably refined shoegaze rock."
- Neph Basedow (Austin Monthly; June, 2014)

TOP ALBUMS OUT OF AUSTIN, TX in 2014: #6 She Sir's Go Guitars "★★★★ ...their most confident record to date. There’s not a bad song on the record, and listeners will surely find several of the tracks more than memorable. You can’t cruise through the record without taking on 'Snakedom;' this is the best song that’s not on Captured Tracks. There’s a lively beat going on in the background, while the guitars work against each other to create a swirl of blissful pop. 'Bitter Bazaar' will see the band pushing the pace and spinning bright guitars twirling around your ears. This is by far one of my [favorite] tracks the band has left us with, so be sure to give it your undivided attention. They know what they’re doing, and they’re going to offer listeners the perfect version of that sound. She Sir will leave you with a listen that merely asks for you take it all in and let the warmth of the indiepop deliciousness take care of the rest; your listen will be better off for it."
- Nathan Lankford (Austin Town Hall; February, 2014)

Top 5 Records to Look Forward to in 2014: #3 "Go Guitars" - "...been working on this ethereal pop masterpiece for over 3 years now. It is finally ready to alter people’s reality."
- Erik Wofford (Interviewed by Republic of Austin; December, 2013)

15 Releases You're Missing Out On: #4 Go Guitars" - "This album is so freakin cool it hurts. A mellow low-fi rock groove, it'll just feel like you're instantly 10 degrees cooler than the neighbors. It belongs in your collection yesterday.
- Michael Peckerar (Rant Lifestyle; February, 2014)

Geoffrey Stueven's Top Ten: Go Guitars "...a major statement in the form of a very short LP. It succeeds by having nothing much to prove. The album’s biggest, weirdest, most imaginative moments achieve Sunny Day in Glasgow heights."
- Geoffry Stueven (The Big Takeover; July, 2014)

BEST ALBUMS OF 2014: #6 Go Guitars
- (Clicky Clicky)

Best New Indie Rock Songs & Albums, Feb. 2014 Vol. II: Go Guitars
- (Indie Rock Cafe)

"I’ve been waiting for this one ever since their brilliant EP back in 2006, and I must say it’s definitely worth the wait. This is a real treat for the shoegazers out there, full of excellent guitarwork and lush, melodic tunes. This perfect blend instantly hits the right spot. Somehow I also come to think of The Sea And Cake in their late 90′s/early 2000′s prime, and how they might have sounded if they had turned up the reverb and pressed the fuzz-pedals."
- Sindre Ernst (SlyVinyl; Februrary, 2014)

Best Records and EPs of the year 2014... so far: Go Guitars
- Raül Jiménez (Bloodbuzzed; July, 2014)

BEST ALBUMS OF 2014: #3 Go Guitars
- Ray Kimura (Ray Kimura Illustrations)

"...bien estructurada y con fortaleza sónica. El brillo viene a cargo de las guitarras jangle que devienen en melodías más dream-pop, suavizando la propuesta a una más suave. Hay una cierta atmósfera detrás de cada composición, de estilo ecoica, que sugiere una profundidad infinita detrás de las voces de Russell Karloff y generando ambientes muy a-la Papercuts y/o Dum Dum Girls, con cierta 'suciedad' lo-fi en las texturas."
- Alex (Sound & Vision; Februrary, 2014)

"She Sir’s finesse is demonstrated in their music style. [Go Guitars is] a heavenly treat. While other bands seem to be heading down a road, not sure where it is taking them, She Sir...know where they want to go. After what appeared to be a laborious effort to get where they are, all I can say that the results are incredible. Tuneful, meditative, and graceful are just few of the things to describe the record. 9 out of 10."
- Sean Kayden (Don't Quit Your Daydream; March, 2014)

"Fantastic shoegaze pop from She Sir. If you’re into any of the shoegazy releases from Captured Tracks or Slumberland, this album would fit nicely on either label...a solid album through and through."
- (Feast of Beast; Februrary, 2014)

"Go Guitars draws in equal parts from the traditions of shoegaze and indie pop, and is jam-packed with songs that hit that perfect sweet spot previously found in your JAMCs, your Trembling Blue Stars, your Real Estates, your Felts, your Echoes and maybe even some Bunnymen. These are shimmery pop songs filled with reverb, immediately present and yet still elusive, mysterious. They evoke a sense of distance – with sonic wells that suggest echoes returning from miles deep – while still surrounding you with sheets of gauzy silk."
- Charles Olney (Heartache With Hard Work; Februrary, 2014)

"Durante a audição do disco, se percebe que há uma forte vertente experimental nas guitarras e uma certa soul na secção rítmica. O reverb na voz acaba por ser uma consequência lógica desta opção que logo na melancolia épica de Portrese carrega toda a componente nostágica com que os She Sir pretendem impregnar o seu ADN."
- (Man On The Moon; Februrary, 2014)

"Exquisitely layered, melodically rich shoegaze meets dream pop sound...the album is a fully realized, meticulously crafted work that flows peacefully from song to song like a particularly pleasant dream. Go Guitars is truly a treat for lovers of guitars and guitar pedals...or anyone who's new to the charms of dreamgaze and wants to hear something classic feeling and still totally up to date. She Sir have a firm grasp on how to make a great-sounding shoegaze album."
- Tim Sendra (; March, 2014)

"Canzoni luminose, immerse in uno strato soffice di malinconia, si muovono sinuose tra scie di riverberi e melodie narcotiche. Un sound intriso di sensibilità pop si fa spazio attraverso un wall of sound sognante, in cui le chitarre fluorescenti disegnano i contorni di una musica al limite tra i My Blood Valentine e un certo sound di fine anni ’80. Un impasto equilibrato di voci, chitarre e ritmi sussurrati, diluiti in un flusso sensuale psichedelico e visionario, dà vita a canzoni che si sollevano leggere per poi sprigionare deliziose melodie."
- (Il Rifugio; March, 2014)

"Bright, synth-saturated songs perfect for sunny drives or even providing a little comfort during a cold snap. The four-piece have two EP’s under their belt, so you may already be familiar with their sound, but be warned, She Sir has taken their dreampop to another level."
- Gillian Driscoll (The Deli Magazine; January, 2014)

"Il suono è scintillante ed evocativo, annegato in costanti riverberi jangly-dream-pop che sposano chitarre e synth intenti a saturare il suono, senza però togliere ad esso melodia o sensibilità. Capite che stiamo "annegando" in un vero e proprio oceano favoloso, in cui perdersi è semplicemente meraviglioso. C'è qualcosa di suggestivo nella musica dei She Sir, un senso di calore e armonia che avvolge e cattura, mentre echi lontani non smettono di cullare i nostri sensi. Un delicato sogno ad occhi aperti."
- Ricky Brit Pop (Troublezine; April, 2014)

"Reverbed wash of guitars with a glittering shimmer of twinkling notes laid on top. The band blends 90s shoegaze sensibilities with an 80s new wave framework, and they know how to work it."
- Bryan Parker (Pop Press International; February, 2014)

"Wonderfully shimmering [and] illustrative ...another bright, dreamy injection of melodic-pop that the band have perpetually showered us in."
- Alex Larkin (One For the People; February, 2014)

"Positioned almost exactly halfway between My Bloody Valentine and Fleetwood Mac."
- Laura Studarus (Under The Radar; February, 2014)

"Let's cut through the chase: Go Guitars is a first rate guitar pop album. The combo of excellent songwriting and layers of guitar hooks is further supported by a solid rhythm section, inspired more by the warm rhythms of Fleetwood Mac than the tinny-sounding drums and bass of 80's indie. She Sir deserves to be more generally known."
- (Pop Transit; April, 2014)

"Un lavoro incantevole, capace di regalare diversi momenti di puro godimento e un generale mood di rilassata perdizione."
- Matthew Castle (Storia Della Musica; May, 2014)

"Perfectly crafted and perfectly layered dream pop (definitely a shoegaze influence as well). I’m on my third play on this Sunday morning and I keep discovering new and exciting parts to songs on each play."
- (Dagger Zine; May, 2014)

"Dream-pop sfumato in gaze, oscurità e liquidi pads, voli e atterraggi vibratili, sono la cifra stilistica di questa band, dove la voce di Russell Karloff è gonfia di malinconia e sapori nostalgici, una appannaggio retrò che comunque si fa largo nella sua totale piacevolezza; trace senza tempo in cui si muovono retaggi ispiratori che vanno dai Nothing ai True Widow, ma anche molta personalità propria, specie quando il quartetto texano si rimette agli echi rarefatti di Bitter bazar o alle onde elettriche che cesellano Mania mantle."
- Max Sannella (; February, 2015)

"A strong debut and a blessing for fans of jangle/dream pop. For Go Guitars She Sir smoothed out the edges and sharpened their melodies, like the effortlessly catchy ‘Condenseindents’ and ‘Kissing Can Wait‘. The album cuts are consistently solid, with sugary vocal hooks dusted with harmony and warm reverb. Go Guitars is a beautiful record."
- (Sounds Better With Reverb; February, 2014)

Press for You Could Be Tiger

Digital-only Single 2012; S/R

"For most music fans, there are usually one or two bands so beloved and pure that with each new second of recorded sound they offer, the results feel like a lovingly wrapped gift from an old friend. One of those groups is Austin's thoughtful and restless She Sir. Like most long-term relationships, a fair amount of patience is required in order for things to bloom, and the quartet -- founded by the duo of Russell Karloff and M. Grusha -- are no exception. Unconcerned with churning out rushed laptop sessions or pointless album filler, She Sir is devoted to the cult of the song, fervently, almost spiritually, calibrating and exploring tones, drum patterns and complex academic harmonies in order to perfectly realize their psychedelic mini-suites. Schedules, studio money and the disposable hustle of contemporary indie rock be damned; there are more timeless motives at play here. 'You Could Be Tiger' is the best summation of the band's approach yet, highlighting She Sir's talent for pounding instrumental passages and quick verses and refrains in less than two-and-a-half minutes. Like the material on 2010's 'Yens' EP, 'You Could Be Tiger,' further refines the band's ability to mix its established avant tendencies (dream-pop textures, complicated time signatures and unique alternate tunings) with '60s-inspired psych-pop songwriting. Along with the band's usual delicate analogue production, the highlight here is the gorgeous 12-string acoustic melody and outro solo which repurposes jangle rock touchstones like The Byrds and later, The Rain Parade and mid-period Lilys. It’s all just further testament to how this band, like their hero Brian Wilson, exudes the prodigal coolness of a visionary lost in a room full of instruments, in search of some greater truth."
- Edward Charlton (Clicky Clicky Music; August, 2012)

"...‘You Could Be Tiger’ pounced throatwards. The Austin 4-piece, led by Russell Karloff, haven’t exactly moved the goalposts but they’ve scored another triumphant victory in the art of turning an age old genre into something as vital as it was back in the early 90′s. ‘You Could Be Tiger’ is short but wonderfully realised and offers a wonderful primer for She Sir’s next long player [Go Guitars]."
- KD (MP3Hugger; July, 2012)

Press for Yens

7" Vinyl-only EP 2010; S/R

Top 10 Austin Albums of 2010: #10. Ev'ry Thing In Paris. "You can’t come across music that gets much better than She Sir. It’s a combination of warmth, pop, and effortless beauty. The band has slowly been growing their sound... Slowly and surely they’ve crafted a sonic display that has us falling for them time and time again. It only gets better from here."
- (Austin Town Hall; December, 2010)

"She Sir’s intricately woven layers of dreamy sounds paired with the silky vocals of frontman Russell Karloff lift the listener into another realm of hopeful reality. Thoroughly enchanting, 4-track EP Yens shimmers of goodness that shoegaze fans will gobble up upon first bite."
- Trina Lynn (The Owl Mag; November, 2010)

7 out of 10. "Dopé à la dream pop et transpirant les larmes d’une enfance shoegaze, ils évoluent dans un univers proche de celui de Beach House (« Ginger ») et partagent avec She & Him un certain sens de la fraicheur. Ils dégagent une fumée chaude et enveloppante créée par des guitare noisy qui usent avec modération de la distorsion. Sur « Lemongrass », les voix essayent de toucher les cieux, et au moment où elles risquent d’échouer une flute enchanteresse apparait et leur confère une nouvelle impulsion avec un aspect choral rappelant Belle & Sebastian, tandis qu’une musique folk à la fois spatial et vintage brode sur « Boystown » des similis d’interlude. Le son se densifie sur « Golden Ways » et le tout part en fumée en moins d’un instant."
- Benjamin F. (Playlist Society; November, 2010)

4 out of 5. "...aural tales steeped in airy percussion, polarised by schizophrenic sounding vocals. This really is the equivalent of swimming in mid-air, before arriving at a pool of freshly cleaned be sheets brimming with an elastic smile. Like a night train rolling off into the distance, this is meant to be listened to when summer gradually flees and autumn wanders in unbeknownst. Everything about this feels like getting wash[ed] in light too. ...feels like the beginnings of loneliness captured in pure sound. ...almost psychedelic tinged indie, but more sober and reflective than expected. The sound of a solo life, almost barren, yet curiously filled."
- Leigh O'Gorman (Easy Music For Difficult Ears; August, 2010)

"The big surprise on 'Yens,' just how expansive it sounds for a four-song collection whose tunes never cross the three-minute mark. In a paltry eight-and-a-half minutes, it ticks off every possible box of desirable influences: the sun-dappled boy-girl vocal interplay of Belle and Sebastian, the warmth and production sheen of the Beach Boys circa 'Pet Sounds,' and the delicate arrangements of Beach House. Centerpiece track 'Lemongrass' serves as a She Sir manifesto: thoughtful, thundering-yet-unassuming, an at-first cacophonous tune which yields beauty through listener focus, like a musical Magic Eye puzzle."
- Patrick Caldwell (Austin-American Statesman / Austin360; June, 2010)

"Local onetime trio has bulked up to five pieces live, tripping rock's lights fantastic – shoegaze. Topsiders 'Ginger' and 'Lemongrass' chime boy/girl tom-toms, while the undercard, 'Golden Ways' and 'Boystown,' strips back layers on the latter especially, an a cappella harmonic exercise with a blush of organ, perhaps the most arresting cut. 3 stars."
- Raoul Hernandez (Austin Chronicle; May, 2010)

"She Sir were just made for me, they create that early 90’s sound through a finely tuned dreampop/shoegaze lens...a touchstone for long lost floppy fringes. Yep, I’m in love and not even my wife or young baby will distract me from this beauty."
- Kevin (MP3Hugger; March, 2010)

"...absolutely addictive. [Yens] takes Phil Spector, Beach Boys, Pale Saints, Orange Juice, Ride, Cocteau Twins, Stone Roses, Belle & Sebastian and puts a touch of today that makes this EP something simply superb."
- (The Blog That Celebrates Itself; January, 2010)

"Their welcoming arrangement of warm, wispy and day-dreamy vocals that blend into the melodic guitar noise sometimes with droning distortion and the occasional use of organ, cello and other sounds is accommodating and unpretentious. 'Lemongrass,' a tune from the new release, begins with a little string intro before accompanied by keys and playful vocals resembling Belle & Sebastian (especially when paired with the soft flute) and winds up being one hell of a spring afternoon jam."
- Le Diamant Brut (The Austinist; January, 2010)

"Wonderful. 6.5 out of 8"
- (; January, 2010)

Press for Who Can't Say Yes.

CD/EP 2006; S/R

Top 25 of 2000's - Honorable Mention "Who Can't Say Yes."
- Matt Graves (The San Francisco Appeal; December, 2009)

"She Sir has obvious antecedents (Slowdive and Ride among them), but its sublime shoegaze is far more complex than a carbon copy: buried within the layers of delay are careful arrangements that, like the greatest of pointillist paintings, coalesce into a slightly blurred portrait of mutable beauty."
- (The Onion; June, 2008)

Top EPs of 2006: No. 2 - "Who Can't Say Yes."
- (Stay Nobody; 2007)

Best Of 2006 Addendum: She Sir's Who Can't Say Yes. "...drop everything and run, don't walk. You must own Who Can't Say Yes. The EP is a superlative document of '90s-style American indie shoegaze the likes of which you haven't heard since the first Lilys full-length In The Presence Of Nothing. Yeah, we said it."
- (Clicky Clicky Music; 2007)

"She Sir’s Who Can’t Say Yes continues to be an underrated album in the shoegaze genre. The band crafted a focused and cohesive experience with their debut record. No song on the tracklist feels out of place. 'It’s My Way Of Staying Connected' is a seminal track in their debut and the underground shoegaze scene as a whole. There is a striking beauty to the madness."
- Andrés Bear (Coppell Student Media; February, 2018)

"...layers upon layers of guitars, modal harmonies, and hushed melodies. With the subtle hooks and deep atmospherics of Who Can't Say Yes, She Sir drop pop music to an even vaguer level than Loveless. She Sir beautifully fractures music for the next generation of dream-pop connoisseurs."
- Sean (3hive; November, 2006)

"Extremely avant-garde and artistic, and in many ways still ahead of its time. She Sir take one step beyond traditional noise rock and make shimmering, hauntingly beautiful arrangements that not only emphasize great precision, but also move in unpredictable, often pleasantly surprising ways."
- (Faronheit; November, 2006)

"Delicately harmonized vocals and transparent guitar hooks that rarely backslide into simply leaden melodies. Who Can´t Say Yes finds She Sir's melodic rock unhurried atmospherics and sharp melodies further adorned by layers of instrumentation. ...A band happy with an uncommon melodious minimalism."
- Sabas (Sabas.Judas; August 24, 2006)

" can hear the intricacies to which these two songwriters experiment with the shoegazer genre. Compared to Loveless, the guitars are a little edgier, the vocals in a lower pitch and the drums have a harder kick. It is a wash of passionate experimentation and a dedication to making every sound blend in. ...The lush texture on Who Can't Say Yes will hypnotize you."
- Brent (Consumption Junction; August 18, 2006)

"I find Who Can't Say Yes to be consistent with each song, along with incredible ingenuity and a fitting flow. She Sir's music seems to be oddly engaging. The EP still contains a diverseness that should express great attention and detail to the music at hand. She Sir have one of the most modernly unique sounds I have heard lately."
- Mike Mineo (Obscure Sound; August 17, 2006)

"...Austin-based She Sir is one of the rare ones that absolutely blew me away from the first second. Shades of My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai, and pretty much any other band known for creating layers of sound, but there's something beyond that. This is not your typical fare; this is what would've happened if shoegaze was around when Bach was growing up. 'Intricately crafted' doesn't even begin to describe it. Every sound has its counterpoint, every note is in place."
- Charles Olney (Heartache with Hard Work; July 26, 2006)

"Austin-based She Sir deliver a sonic sound that draws you in from the time you first hear their music. The attention to detail in the music is obvious, you get a sense that they almost obsess over every note. Which I for one am thankful."
- Richard Gonzalez (Ultra8201; July 10, 2006)

"...something quite unique is going on here too - this isn't just shoegaze repackaged for 2006. And I think it's to do with their orchestral composer training - you can hear the detail, not just the wash of different sounds and layers... something that so, so many of the first-wave shoegaze bands just couldn't pull off. They didn't know how to. These guys do."
- Colin Clark (Let's Kiss And Make Up...; May 10, 2006)

"...expect dense, fuzzed-out guitars, uncannily Kevin Shields-y vocals and generally old-school shoegazey goodness. Worth watching."
- Frank (; April 30, 2006)

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