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Photography ©2019 Dylan Johnson

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She Sir is Russell Karloff (vocals, guitar), Matthew Grusha (bass, guitar), Jeremy Cantrell (lead guitar), and David Nathan (drumset). Russell and Matthew met in college as Music Composition majors and put their skills to use, breathing new life into the guitar-driven dreampop genre. She Sir's inimitable “shimmer-pop” -- a term coined by The Austin Chronicle to describe the band’s sound -- has won over fans around the world and been included on “Best of the Decade,” “Best of the Year,” and “Best of Austin" lists -- even earning a perfect score from Austin Monthly magazine (June issue, 2014), who called the band "auspicious [and] impeccably refined."

Active nearly 20 years, She Sir have established a sound that is both modernistic and illuminating yet reverent to the spirit of decades past. The band experiments with unorthodox guitar technique, labyrinthine phrasing, and generally obsesses over the aesthetics of songwriting. Like their partially imagined song titles, She Sir blur the lines of the familiar to create an impressionistic, contemporary sound, transcending any direct comparisons to other groups present or past.

She Sir alumni include ex-players with Ringo Deathstarr, For Those Who Know, The Envy Corps, Splinter, and The Hallelujah Crowd.

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Thanks to the long list -- too numerous to mention -- of former band members, studio musicians, sound engineers, and friends who have helped in the creation of these recordings.

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