Mar 12

Volstead Lounge
Austin, TX
Austin Town Hall and Side One Track One present

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1. Portese
2. Kissing Can Wait
3. Bitter Bazaar
4. Warmwimming
5. Mania Mantle
6. Winter Skirt
7. Snakedom
8. He's Not a Lawyer, It's Not a Company
9. Condensedindents
10. Continually Meeting on the Sidewalk of My Door
GO GUITARS Shelflife Records CD/LP LIFE105 2014

$15 translucent blue vinyl LP via Shelflife Records [SOLD OUT]
$19.99 vinyl LP via Saki [SOLD OUT]
$32.40 vinyl LP via Amazon (US), £40.86 (UK), ¥ 2,630 (Japan) [SOLD OUT]
$10.00 CD via Shelflife Records
$10.50 CD via Saki [SOLD OUT]
$13.98 CD via Tonevendor
1,944円 CD via Disk Union / Diffuse Echo (Japan)
$12.99 CD via Amazon (US), ¥ 1,637 (Japan), £16.75 (UK)

$8.00 MP3 album via Shelflife Records
$9.99 MP3 album via iTunes
$9.49 MP3 album via Amazon

Go Guitars covers the vast overlap between My Bloody Valentine’s guitar experimentations, Fleetwood Mac’s soulful rhythm & bass, and Phil Spector’s skewed, wall-of-sound arrangements. The record also draws inspiration from 80s pop heroes The Go-Betweens, Pylon, and Felt. Motivated by the appetite for reinvention, She Sir have established a sound that is both modernistic and illuminating, yet faithful to the spirit of decades past. Surpassing their early shoegaze roots, they are taking their songwriting to ambitious new heights throughout the album. Edgy phrasing, driving rhythms, and multi-textured guitars, along with plenty of lush reverb-soaked pop sensibilities, make up the She Sir aesthetic. Like their partially imagined song titles, She Sir blur the lines of the familiar to create an impressionistic, contemporary sound, that transcends any direct comparisons to other groups present or past.

1. You Could Be Tiger
YOU COULD BE TIGER [s/r] Digital Single 2012

$0.99 MP3 via iTunes
$0.99 MP3 via Amazon

"She Sir is devoted to the cult of the song, fervently, almost spiritually, calibrating and exploring tones, drum patterns and complex academic harmonies in order to perfectly realize their psychedelic mini-suites. 'You Could Be Tiger' further refines the band's ability to mix its established avant tendencies (dream-pop textures, complicated time signatures and unique alternate tunings) with '60s-inspired psych-pop songwriting." - Clicky Clicky Music

1. Ginger
2. Lemongrass
3. You Can't Change a Thing* (Revisited)
4. I Love You, Blowtorch Eyes
5. Lieutenant
6. Golden Ways
7. Boystown
8. The Clandestine
9. It's My Way of Staying Connected
10. Monarch
EV'RY THING IN PARIS Happy Prince Records Compilation CD HPPR023 2010

CD via Happy Prince Records (Japan) [SOLD OUT]
2,365円 CD via Disk Union (Japan)
CD via Darla Records (US) [SOLD OUT]
£27.55 CD via Amazon (UK)

£7.49 MP3 album via Amazon (UK)

"アメリカはオースティン出身のシューゲイザー/ドリームポップ/ギター・ロック・バンド。メンバーは、Russell Karloff、M. Grusha、Jeremy Cantrellを中心とし、ライヴではフルバンドにて迫力のパフォーマンスを見せる。2006年にリリースされ、日本ではディスクユニオンで若干数流通された”Who Can’t Say Yes”では、元くるりのドラマー、Christopher McGuireも参加したことで話題になった。そのサウンドは昨今のニューゲイザーやシュートロニカとは異なり、どちらかというと、1990年代のクリエイション・レーベルのサウンドを彷彿とさせる、オーソドックスなスタイルをブラン・ニューな感性でかき鳴らしたもので、評価が高い。2010年2月には限定7インチ”Yens”をリリースし、1960年代ソフトロック〜サイケデリック・ロックの感性を、そもそも持っていたテイストに見事に融和させたサウンドで人々を驚かせた。現在、もっとも成長と今後の人気を約束されているバンドのひとつである。" - Happy Prince Records

side one
1. Ginger
2. Lemongrass

side two
1. Golden Ways
2. Boystown
YENS [s/r] 33RPM 7" vinyl EP 2010

$5.98 7" w white sleeve via Tonevendor (US)
1,028円 7" vinyl w white sleeve via Disk Union (Japan)

€2.50 MP3 EP (w exclusive digital art) via Indiecater Records
Name Your Price Digital EP (all formats) via Bandcamp
$3.96 MP3 EP via iTunes

"The big surprise on 'Yens,' just how expansive it sounds for a four-song collection whose tunes never cross the three-minute mark. In a paltry eight-and-a-half minutes, it ticks off every possible box of desirable influences: the sun-dappled boy-girl vocal interplay of Belle and Sebastian, the warmth and production sheen of the Beach Boys circa 'Pet Sounds,' and the delicate arrangements of Beach House. Centerpiece track 'Lemongrass' serves as a She Sir manifesto: thoughtful, thundering-yet-unassuming, an at-first cacophonous tune which yields beauty through listener focus, like a musical Magic Eye puzzle." - Austin-American Statesman / Austin360

1. I Love You, Blowtorch Eyes
2. Lieutenant
3. You Can't Change a Thing
4. The Clandestine
5. It's My Way of Staying Connected
6. Monarch
7. Prairie Burn
WHO CAN'T SAY YES. [s/r] CD/EP 2006

$10.00 (+$3 s&h) CD/EP via PayPal (US)
$10.00 (+$7 s&h) CD/EP via PayPal (International)
$7.98 CD/EP via Tonevendor (US)
$9.99 CD/EP via Darla Records (US) [SOLD OUT]
$111.08 CD/EP via Amazon (US), £43.95 (UK)
1,851円 CD/EP via Disk Union (Japan)

$6.93 Digital EP (all formats) via Bandcamp
$6.93 MP3 EP via iTunes

"Top 25 of 2000's - Honorable Mention: 'Who Can't Say Yes.'" - The San Francisco Appeal

She Sir's 2006 debut, Who Can't Say Yes, introduced fans to a unique brand of powerful shoegaze-inspired compositions: the album climbing up well within CMJ's top 100 upon its release. The band experiments with alternate guitar tunings, unorthodox technique, unique phrasing, modal harmonies, cagey rhythms and generally obsesses over the aesthetics of songwriting. Taking cues from their classical and contemporary music composition background, and combining with their love of modern guitar-sound pioneers, She Sir's Who Can't Say Yes is nothing short of a brilliant recipe for success.

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