Clockwise from top left: Russell Karloff, Jeremy Cantrell, M. Grusha, David Nathan
Photography by Aubrey Edwards

"Condensedindents" by She Sir
from the upcoming full-length due out in mid 2013

(r.i.y.l. Real Estate, Wild Nothing, Mojave 3, Beach House, Deerhunter)

We are proud to share with you “Condensedindents,” the first single from She Sir’s upcoming debut full-length release due out in early 2013. Containing all of the hallmark shoegaze tendencies She Sir has become known for, “Condensedindents” also successfully adds vitalizing new influences to the blend, including a love for 70’s rhythm & bass along with an impassioned dedication to sewing congruous melody and arrangement into the shoegaze aesthetic. Harmony of ambiguity and precision take over as “Condensedindents” means to both wreck the heart and speak to affirm it.

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Music by She Sir
Song by Russell Karloff
Produced by Erik Wofford & She Sir
Engineered & mastered by Erik Wofford
Recorded at Cacophony Recorders, Austin, TX, USA
Lead guitar by Jeremy Cantrell
Bass by M. Grusha
Drumset by David Nathan
Synth keys by Jonathan Van Matre
All other instruments by Russell Karloff
"She Sir is devoted to the cult of the song, fervently, almost spiritually. This band exudes the prodigal coolness of a visionary lost in a room full of instruments, in search of some greater truth."
- Clicky Clicky Music
"You can’t come across music that gets much better than She Sir. It’s a combination of warmth, pop, and effortless beauty. They’ve crafted a sonic display that has us falling for them time and time again."
- Austin Town Hall
"Buried within the layers of delay are careful arrangements that, like the greatest of pointillist paintings, coalesce into a slightly blurred portrait of mutable beauty."
- The Onion, AV Club
Meeting in college as Music Composition students, principles M. Grusha and Russell Karloff put to use their collective knowledge of classical music theory and orchestration to breath new life into the shoegaze genre, renewing and deepening the style for the palate of today's audience. Recently drawing positive comparisons to everyone from Belle & Sebastian to Pale Saints to The Beach Boys, the band is encouraged as they complete work on their upcoming full-length album, Go Guitars, alongside acclaimed producer Erik Wofford (White Denim, The Black Angels, Okkervil River, What Made Milwaukee Famous).

In 2010, She Sir signed with the Japanese label, Happy Prince Records to release Ev'ry Thing In Paris, a special compilation record combining songs previously only available on the 7" vinyl Yens EP with revisited and remastered tracks from the bands debut EP. That same year, the release earned the distinction of being named one of the top 10 out of Austin, TX by local tastemaker blog Austin Town Hall. Prior to that, She Sir's 2007 debut EP, Who Can't Say Yes, earned the band enormous credibility from both listeners and critics alike as the release reached well into CMJ’s Top 100 charts for radio play. Most recently, the release was included as an Honorable Mention in The San Francisco Appeal's list of the best of the entire 2000's decade!

She Sir's exciting upcoming debut full-length album, Go Guitars, featuring 10 brand new songs, is due out in early 2013 on Happy Prince Records (Japan). She Sir is interested in finding the right American label to carry the release domestically.
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